Welcome to Sun Hill Jewelry!
My name is Marija and I am the designer and silversmith in Sun Hill Workshop!

Since I remember myself I have always been interested in visual arts and handmade crafts, which both let the hand and mind sail through waves of imagination and as a result share with something new and unique, full of heart and energy of its creator. Having graduated School of Arts as a "metal designer", now I have the opportunity to combine my interests into one passion – handcrafted jewelry.

I am lucky to live very close to nature in a property with the bright name "Sun Hills", located in Latvia, a great place to watch wildlife and admire the beauty of our planet. This is truly my tiny universe to draw endless inspiration from!


As all the horsemen do, partly I live in a horse world and I am so grateful for that! Horses are amazing animals: so graceful and powerful, curious and funny at the same time! Horses make us constantly refine ourselves, keeping mentally and physically fit. Other than that yoga and family bicycle travels make my spirits riding high, too!

Other interests..

We are all children of our wonderful planet. Its magic and soul hide in each tiny piece of its creation! Let's cherish our outstanding world, enjoy its beauty and be a part of it!

Thank you for visiting our store! We are privileged to share our thoughts and crafts with you!