Welcome to Sun Hill Forge!
My name is Tom and I am the blacksmith in Sun Hill Workshop!

I was born in a family, surrounded by creative handcrafted things: my father's woodwork and my grandfather's arts and sculptures. So, the idea of me making stuff with my own hands has been living with me since my childhood. I just did not know, what exactly it would be.. until my first hammer blow on a red-hot piece of iron in the old forge!

Living simple rural life in the Latvian countryside inspires us for traditional ways of making things, finding beauty in ordinary hand-forged items that follow families for generations.


Prior to blacksmithing I was introduced to horseshoeing, during my work with horses in Sweden. I carry this skill over the years since then. Nature hiking, bicycle traveling and calisthenics (body weight workout) are among my everyday passions.

Other interests..

Our family supports careful attitude towards nature and people. Trying to stay as frienly to the world around as possible, I often upcycle metal items in my forge. I like the idea of Swedish balanced life philosophy "Lagom", where nothing should be too much or too little, just the right amount.

Thank you for visiting our store! We are privileged to share our thoughts and crafts with you!