Sun Hill Forge is a family-run blacksmith workshop, where interior and landscape items are designed and hand-forged using traditional forging techniques. Inspired by the simple countryside life and legacy of blacksmithing art.

Forged Lighting

Flame of a candle is so mesmerizing and calming! Forged candle holders are the perfect "ingredient" of the atmosphere of cosiness and feel of home.

Door Hardware

Providing access to the warmth of the hearth, protection from weather and meeting with the family, doors of our homes are so special! Handforged door hardware is what makes them inviting and unique!

Forged Gifts

Each hand-forged item has its own unique character and magic in it: heated by coal flames, forged by hands of the craftsman! A perfect gift for any art and craft lover!

Household items

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Sun Hill Forge metalware is made using traditional blacksmithing techniques and materials. A smithy starts with a forge, an anvill and a hammer, all the other tools could be made with one's own hands!