Jewelry Care Tips
The main task of any piece of jewelry is to give joy, save from daily dullness and create an impulse to devote time to both - your personal appearance and soul! In order for jewelry to please the eye and heart of its owner for a long period of time, several tips must be followed. What do You need to know?

Sun Hill Jewelry is made of old well-known metals: copper, red brass and "german silver" (or nickel silver). The metals are "natural"- not coated with lacquer or wax, so it can't "peel off" or somehow lose pieces of coating.

It is advisable not to store all pieces of jewelry in one box - chemical reaction may occur among metals, as a result your jewelry may have stains and scratches. To keep each piece of jewelry in its own package will be a better choice.

Jewelry does not like cosmetics (perfumes, soaps, creams, hair care products, etc.), water/moisture (bath, sauna, swimming pool, etc.), household chemicals. Carefully remove any kind of dirt after wearing the jewelry.

In close contact with your skin sweat and grease, as well as cosmetics, jewelry may lose its original shine over time. Due to the copper content, this process is unique for each person and depends on the chemical reaction with your skin. In order for jewelry to always look great - just polish it with a jewelry polishing cloth, keep it a little in warm water with citric acid or clean it gently with toothpaste and a toothbrush and dry thoroughly with a paper towel.
Care for your jewelry and it will repay you a hundredfold with its shine and charm, inspiring you for the brilliant new day!
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Sun Hill Jewelry is 100% handcrafted. Every piece of jewelry is made from a metal sheet and silver wire, each pattern is handsawn, each dot is handpunched.