Sun Hill Earrings are crafted to be not just a peace of jewelry and style, but also as an idea to follow your day. Find the one symbolic meaning that will respond to your heart!


Circle is a symbol of the universe, unity, perfection, harmony and protection. Endless circle line represents the idea of time and infinity, the continuity of the universe development. The circle traditionally is associated with the sun and is considered to be the superior shape, the perfect one, dominating all the others.



Dandelion symbolizes the fragility and transience of life at the same time emphasizing its amazing beauty. Happiness, smile, joy of life: "I want to stop this moment." Dandelion also symbolizes celestial bodies: its yellow flower is a symbol of the sun, fluff is the moon, and the seeds are the stars.


Elderberry is an ancient symbol of revival, existing from the beginning of the world, a symbol of magic and power of spirits. Elderberry symbolizes the overflowing energy of youth, riot of colours and feelings, given by the generous hand to spring waters, wine sparkles, to a man, land, plant. Although this tree belongs to the world of magic, it is able to protect its owner from dark forces.


Snowdrop – blue "snow breaker" – symbolizes warmth of spring, joy of the here and now and confidence in future; combines softness and strength, delicate style and simple beauty.


Ashberry is a symbol of wisdom, happiness and family peace. Wild ash berries were considered to be a symbol of protection among Latvian people from ancient times. This is a female tree, it protects women well-being and health.

Every Imaginable


Birds symbolize morning twilight, freedom and revival of the human soul. Berry Bird earrings – charismatic, full of featheriness and charm, will enhance your creativity and artistic skills!


Taking their own very special place in human hearts, cats symbolize grace, softness, imagination and soulfulness. This heartwarming cat, dreaming under the moonlight, will bring peace and harmony to your mind and deepen to your genuine unique inner self.


Horse symbolizes energy, grace, harmony of body movement and speed of thought, flight of time. At the same time the Horse is a symbol of fidelity and boundless freedom.


Snowflake – perfection of Nature's geometry – despite its obvious relation to winter, is a solar symbol: the rays of a snowflake symbolize the rays of the sun. Snowflake is a symbol of the never-ending transformation of water, eternity of Nature, its tranquility and peace, and at the same time – fragility, vulnerability and grace.


Drakkar – Viking ship with a fearsome dragon at the front and shields along the sides – symbolizes fearlessness, courage, hunger for travelling, new adventures and discoveries.


Dragonfly – one of the oldest insects in the world – symbolizes lightness, grace, elusiveness, as well as the combination of some opposites: fragility, vulnerability and strength, courage, endurance.



The Sun is the oldest cosmic symbol - the source of life and vitality - symbolizes light, infinity, abundance and prosperity.


Shield is an ancient symbol of protection, victory, glory and honour.


Fibula is an ancient brooch, not being decorative only they originally served a practical function: to fasten clothing. Latvian fibula – sakta – as a part of ancient woman's costume symbolizes femininity and fertility. The fibula circle symbolizes the universe and its empty middle represents the human soul, the divine world, altogether forming harmonious balance. Fibula helps the owner to concentrate energy and build confidence.

Sun Hill Jewelry is 100% handcrafted. Every piece of jewelry is made from a metal sheet and silver wire, each pattern is handsawn, each dot is handpunched.
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