Sun Hill Jewelry is made of old metals that are known for a very long time: copper, red brass and german silver. Earring hooks are made of 925 silver.

Copper is the oldest metal known to mankind for more than 7 000 years! Copper was actively used throughout the ancient world: Egypt, Greece, Rome, North America and China! Since ancient times people have noticed that this metal has also a healing effect – copper salts actively destroy bacteria of human body, so copper is an excellent bactericidal agent, which helps to strengthen the immune system and effectively fights with various types of infections. Copper has a healthy influence on blood and metabolism. The metal is known to be able to fight not only with many health problems of our body, but also to improve the spiritual balance! The reason is simple: copper is the only metal with electrical potential to be very close to the electrical potential of the human body – copper increases the intensity of energy circulation throughout the body and mind. Copper jewelry has a special unique charm – the magic of thousand-year history, exclusive handwriting of the jeweller, shade of fiery autumn leaves attracts everyone's attention, harmoniously matching casual and boho styles.

Red Brass or "tombac"

You probably know what brass is, but are you familiar with such metal as tombac? The term tombac is derived from "tembaga", an Indonesian word meaning copper . This alloy is similar to brass and is very popular among jewelers. As you have already guessed, like yellow brass, red brass is an alloy of copper and zinc – just in other proportions: copper – from 85% to 97%, and zinc – not more than 15%, which gives the metal a noble golden-bronze shade and makes it popular among lovers of vintage jewelry. Patinated red brass will not leave anyone indifferent, charming with its mysterious, romantic look of aged bronze.

German silver or "nickel silver"

"New Silver" – is the direct translation from German word "neusilber". The history of german silver is closely connected with „cupronickel", which in China was called "pakfong", where it was well-known from the 3rd century BC. In the Middle Ages Chinese „cupronickel" was very popular in Europe. Europeans tried to find the formula of this metal for several centuries without any success. Only at the end of the 18th century German scientists did discover similar alloy, which was named "new silver." Nickel silver contains about 65% of copper, 15% nickel and 20% zinc. Jewellers like nickel silver not only because of its colour, which really looks like sterling silver or white gold, but also because of the elasticity, hardness and strength of the alloy, which ensures the durability of jewelry. Jewelry lovers are attracted by german silver due to its black and white palette as it will match perfectly all clothes, adding an unforgettable accent to your look!

Sun Hill Jewelry is 100% handcrafted. Every piece of jewelry is made from a metal sheet and silver wire, each pattern is handsawn, each dot is handpunched.
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