ŪDENSPUTNS / WATERFOWL EARRINGS /Small, Red brass, matte textured/

Our ancestors believed that the bird is a symbol of life, freedom and a human soul, connecting the sky and the earth. The waterfowl is a link between two elements - water and earth.

Eye-catching, elegant, lightweight earrings! Small in size -10mm x 14mm (21mm x 14mm with hooks) - created to be the every day choice as well as to perfectly fit any style and every event! The earrings are made of Red brass, matte textured. Earring hooks, slightly lengthened for the best proportion, are made from 925 silver, completely safe for sensitive skin!

Final finish: Matte

Jewelry: Ethno

Metal: Red Brass

Size: small

Ethno: Ūdensputns / Waterfawl

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