DANDELION EARRINGS /Medium, German silver, matte textured/

Dandelion symbolizes the fragility and transience of life at the same time emphasizing its amazing beauty. Happiness, smile, joy of life: "I want to stop this moment." Dandelion also symbolizes celestial bodies: its yellow flower is a symbol of the sun, fluff is the moon, and the seeds are the stars.

Circle is a symbol of the universe, unity, perfection, harmony and protection. Endless circle line represents the idea of time and infinity, the continuity of the universe development. The circle traditionally is associated with the sun and is considered to be the superior shape, the perfect one, dominating all the others.

Eye-catching, elegant, lightweight earrings! 27mm in diameter, perfectly balanced for every occasion! The earrings are made of German silver, matte textured. Earring hooks are made from 925 silver, completely safe for sensitive skin!

Botanical: Dandelion

Size: d27mm/medium

Metal: German Silver

Final finish: Matte

Jewelry: Botanical

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