ARROW Pendant

Sun Hill Forge
Hand-forged Arrow Pendant is hand forged from mild steel using stone coal and traditional blacksmithing techniques of the past! The look and texture of each pendant is created naturally in the process of blacksmithing and is always unique!

Our Pendant is around 65mm long, the cotton cord is around 33-34cm long, simple and adjustable. The arrowhead is covered with a transparent varnish, which adds protection from rust and allows to save the original color tones of forged mild steel.

If you are interested to find out, how the products are forged at our smithy, we have a few videos of blacksmithing process on our YouTube channel (@SunHillForge)!

You are very welcome to have a look at our small countryside workshop!

Forged Gifts: Pendant

Forged Product: Forged Gifts

lwh: 65x17x12 mm

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