"JUMIS" Key Chain

Sun Hill Forge
Key chain with JUMIS - ancient Latvian sign!
Latvian traditions and culture are so old and so meaningful! In older pagan times the highest aim of a human life was to live in harmony with Nature and other members of society — to follow the will of the Gods.
in Latvian mythology Jumis is a deity that lives in a field of crops, symbolized by two fruits that have grown together. In nature, two heads of wheat on one straw, two nuts grown together, two flowers, mushrooms, apples, etc. are called Jumis. According to the ancient Latvians, Jumis lived only in hard working owner's fields promising him a rich harvest and well-being to all the family. So Jumis is a symbol of fertility, abundance, happiness and success.
Love how Jumis as the ornament is transformed to a simple graphic image of a two crossed wheat heads. It is really amazing that in Eastern Europe, motives similar to Jumis can be found already in the late Paleolithic age.
The key chain is hand forged, with beautiful irregular texture from both sides.

Forged Gifts: Key Chain

Forged Product: Forged Gifts

lwh: 30x30x3 mm

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